Stone’s Point Lighthouse

by Cathy Newbury, Corner Brook, NL

This lighthouse, built in 1913, was situated on a point of land about a mile from the community of Stone’s Cove, Fortune Bay (my home). My grandfather, John Riggs, was the first lighthouse keeper there and continued this work until 1950. Their family of six daughters and one son (my father) lived in the house attached to the lighthouse year round until the children reached school age. It was too windy and blustery on the point in the fall and winter for the children to walk to school so they lived in a house in Stone’s Cove and returned to the point in the spring. However, my grandfather made three trips, on foot, daily to the lighthouse, regardless of the weather.

My sister , Vera Frampton, has fond memories of going to the lighthouse with friends. She was so pleased to have acquired a photograph of it about a year ago, so I decided to hook a mat for her.

The lighthouse was replaced by an automatic beacon several years ago.