Trails Tales & Tunes

by Jane Jesseau, Corner Brook, NL

A Community hooked the Trails Tales & Tunes logo during the 2008 festival held from May 16 – 25th in Norris Point.  Seventy-two people worked on the mat which was presented to Mayor Joe Reid at the closing concert on Sunday, May 25th. 
The participants were encouraged to help me complete the mat , many had never tried hooking before.  Young and old, new and experienced, male and female enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this community project.  Sixty  females and  twelve interested males put their hand to the mat.  Seven of the female hookers were experienced and almost all are members of our RHGNL.  
The Guild members included:
Starlynn Shears-Osmond, Ina Budgell, Joyce Chaulk, Dallis Shears, Pat Dawe, Susan Galloway and Jane Jesseau
This is the completed mat which measures approximately  2’x3′