2018 Rug School


SAVE THE DATE:   AUGUST 16-19, 2018


This is the place where the hookers are meeting
With scissors and mat frames, there’s fun in the air
We’re getting together for fun, food and laughter
As we gather again for rug school this year.

We’re here from the East Coast and from the West Coast
From South Coast and Central and further away
Old friends and new from our own great big country
As well as some hookers from the U S of A

We’ll learn new techniques and improve on some others
We’ll share our ideas and make up new plans
It’s always a pleasure to spend time together
As we work on our projects with hooks in our hands

When school is all over, it’s time to go home
We’ll get on the road with a heart felt goodbye
We all drive away in different directions
And work on our hooking, the time just flies by

Written by Guild Member Dale Stockley
Sung to the tune of The Squid Jigging Ground, written by Dale’s cousin Arthur R. Scammell

My Mother The ‘Hooker’

In my childhood, I was always amazed.
My mother’s creations kept me dazzled and dazed.
She could knit and sew anything, from a mitt to a dress,
To have her for a mother, I was truly blessed.

She is such a wonderful person, a truly great friend,
A fantastic mother on which you can depend.
No task is too big that she leaves it undone,
No item left unfinished once it is begun.

As the years went by I began to discover
More things previously unknown about my own mother.
Things which surprised, things which when exposed
Made me realize my mother had more secrets which had not been disclosed.

I found my mother had been keeping something to herself.
A secret, hidden deep inside like a good book upon a shelf.
I was most taken back when I was told
She had a skill which has been passed from years of old.

You see, I found out my mother loves to go hooking.
Yes, you read right – not need to do further looking.
She has all the moves and turns, creating works of art.
A talent passed for many years by ladies who are smart.

Mom, you truly are the greatest, and I am so proud of you.
I am so lucky that God chose you for me to be given to.
Your touch turns the drabbest brin and wool magically into pictures and tales,
Even to the point where this past year we watch your soaring sales!

And so I give you this gift, something to help you enjoy.
Your hook and rug frame, when it becomes time to employ.
All of your talents and resources, a true hodgepodge,
When you and your girlfriends gather at Killdevil Lodge.

Written for Yvonne Wareham by her daughter (2011)