What we have created

Diane Burton 

Congratulations to Diane Burton of Glovertown who has just recently been accepted by the Standards Committee of the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador.   I’m sure you can see by the samples of her work here why such a decision was made in her favour.   Beautiful Work!!

Katrea Hilton – 2018

This very interesting piece is the final product of all the little mats collected over the years by Katrea Hilton’s sister, Dale, and  combined into one by Katrea.   Do you recognize some of the pieces in Dale’s collection? 

The little mats were hand sewn onto foundation material and then hooked around and bordered using 100% wool yarn.   Believe me the picture does not do this lovely piece justice!  

Mary Hann



Mary Hann couldn’t wait to be invited to share her favourite mats with the rest of us.  As soon as the announcement was made, Mary sent along four pictures because she just couldn’t decide which was her favourite. 

For me, it is the portrait mat of her husband Terry, which is hooked using wool fabric cuts 3 and 4, her interpretation of a picture taken of him while he was working with the Canadian Rangers in Labrador.

The landscape scene, her very first mat, is a pattern by Joan Foster which was part of a Beginner Course using t-shirts.  Mary decided she didn’t like the t-shirt look so she ripped it out and re-hooked it with yarn;  

With a little help from her feline friend, Frankie, Mary is in the process of hooking a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern.

The Troll on the Viking Ship was designed by Mary’s daughter, Emily.  Mary gets a particular thrill when hooking her daughter’s designs, so perhaps this one is really ‘her’ favourite.

Such beautiful work!!  Thank you for sharing Mary!  Which member will we focus on next??



Wild Woman on Wash Day by Anne Anstey – inspired by a class entitled Wild Women offered by Cecila Charleton at RHGNL Rug School and finished in 2007.  This is Anne’s favourite mat – depicting a woman with ‘wildish’ hair hanging out her aprons on a clothes line while only wearing an apron! Even the birds are getting in on the act!

It measures 14″ by 20″ & is hooked with cotton/polyester strips, panty hose, roving for hair & flowers.  If you look closely, you will see she’s also hooked in some french knots.  Certain parts of the anatomy caused a little bit of stress. LOL 

If Anne were to rehook this piece, she feels she might outline more.  For me, I love it as it is.  I was in this class with Anne, we had so much fun.