RHGNL is pleased to offer its members opportunities to learn, network and share ideas as we continue to enhance our skills in the age-old craft of rug hooking.

Membership in RHGNL offers:

  • A quarterly Newsletter highlighting stories of rug hooking interest from around the province and beyond featuring tips, techniques, and ideas to strengthen your rug hooking skills.
  • RHGNL is a provincial organization but membership links you to rug hookers around the world.
  • Make new friends and learn new skills through rug hooking events.
  • Guild members enjoy reduced rates for Guild sponsored workshops.
  • Members are eligible to apply for a bursary for the Guild’s Rug Hooking School.
  • Take part in exhibitions, mat challenges and special rug hooking projects.
  • We train you to be a Certified Guild Rug Hooking Instructor.
  • You help preserve the history of traditional Newfoundland rug hooking for future generations to enjoy. 

What our members say:

“I meet other like-minded people, from all over North America, every one of whom has their own story and artistic influences. We learn from each other, growing creatively along the way…”

– Lynn Torraville, Newfoundland and Labrador

“Rug hooking is a deep connection to creativity and passion.  It’s very comforting to be connected to a group of folks that share your passion and exchange their stories.  So much can be learned from the mentorship of other members – and not just about the hooking!  A cultural exchange is woven into every loop.  It’s a different story in every location, hook-in, workshop, and event”.

– Lisa Meecham, Ontario

“RHGNL—neatest caring ladies and gents, magnificent friendships and tons of camaraderie.  Great rug camps filled with fun times and learning, taught by top notch guild teachers.”

– Betty Heath, Minnesota, USA (Betty has attended every rug school since 1998)


As with any craft, rug hooking can help to maintain a well-balanced healthy YOU:

  • Improvement of hand-brain coordination; sharpening the mind as color, direction, and methods are thought through
  • Creating something personally can enhance self-esteem
  • Helps relieve stress, depression, and anxietyby allowing you to focus on something else
  • It can have a calming effect allowing the mind to better able to focus
  • Can enhance social skills as people gather to learn together

Still not convinced?  Reach out to a RHGNL member and get started.  Once you try it out, you will be “hooked”.

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