2017 Rug School

Important Points for Campers

Cancellation Deadline

July 15, 2017 – Full refund minus $35.00 administration fee
After this date no refunds are issued unless vacancy can be filled.

Killdevil Info

  • Cell service is spotty. The emergency number is 1-709-636-2267.
  • Smoking only by fire pit
  • No Scents and No Pets
  • No ATM on site. Bring Cash or Cheques to be sure. Some vendors may take Credit Cards but not all.

Camp Info

  • Bring along favourite rug to display. Campers love to see what their hooker pals are up to.
  • There is a bursary available for tuition. Please contact the registrar for details – mewhite6@hotmail.com or 1-709-453-2538.
  • Be part of the Mini-Mat exchange. This was a big hit last year. Hook a mat 5 X 5 inches. Label your mat and participants will be part of a Mat swap on the last night of Camp.
  • Again this year we will be selling tickets on a basket full of hooking goodies. Plus our very successful 50/50 draw will return.
  • Bring your money $$$$
  • Fabric swap: a table will be set up for campers to exchange materials


Bring along your pillows, sleeping bags and any other personal items you will need to ensure a pleasant camp experience. These items could include: a seat cushion, fan (electric or hand), lamp plus extension cord and also rain gear (just in case).

Friday night will be our Elvis night so dust off your Blue Suede shoes and come as your favourite Elvis.


Shop Space Rug School 2017

Requests for shop space at Killdevil Rug Camp can be sent along to Susan Morris
Deadline for requests is May 15, 2017.
Space is limited!!
As in years past 5% of vendors sales are donated to the RHGNL
Thank you
Jane and Sue

Rug School 2017 Course Outlines

Photo to Mat – as Easy as That!

Instructor: Wendie Scott Davis

Want to turn a special photo into a mat, but afraid it will be too difficult? Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier. Every year there are even more online resources and apps like Prisma and Usketch that let you easily convert an image into a painterly sketch – a perfect roadmap for hooking. That is what this class is all about. Learning to use this “friendly” technology at every step in creating a mat from a photo.

Ahead of class, you will email me a high-resolution digital image that you want to turn into a mat. Since there is limited wifi at camp, I will convert your image to a painterly sketch, emailing you a couple of options. I will create a colour plan from your selected sketch and send it to you, so you can pick your wools. When we are together, I will take you step by step through the processes I have used, so you can create more photo mats when you are on your own with your own technology. And I will email handouts of everything I share in class, so that you have a comprehensive lesson guide.

For your first project, I suggest a smaller size, so you can get lots done while we are together. I have done many 4 x 6 or slightly larger and will have samples to share. Once you see how easy it can be, I predict you will be making many.

A Designer for All Time, William Morris

Instructor: Doris Norman

“Have nothing in your home which you do not know to be useful or believe to to be Beautiful”

William Morris’ decorating philosophy can be summarized in one work “simplicity”. We will be hooking Morris designs and learn about his time and place through story and music. You may create a design or purchase it from a rug hooking studio or on line. In my student letter to you I will include a list of “copy free books” as well as colour suggestions. A little knowledge of shading will be helpful, however we will be hooking only 3 or 4 values of each beautiful hue and shading will be covered during class. Any fabric and cuts from 3 to 10 may be used, this is determined by the intricacy of the design and the weave of the backing. Join me for a fun filled course, a lot of learning and sharing.

Doris Norman is a skilled artisan and instructor since 1982, she enjoys sharing her passion for rug hooking with others. She encourages students to relax and enjoy the process of creating a heirloom to be passed down to future generations. Doris encourages students to create designs, to dye and use reclaimed fabrics. She teaches rug hooking courses at schools and workshops in the United States and Canada. She is an accredited Nova Scotia and Pearl McGown Teacher specializing in Celtic Art, Jacobean/Crewel, William Morris Design, Monochromatic, Art of the Americas, Land scape and Realistic Shading. Her work has been featured in Canadian Living Magazine, Rug Hooking Magazine, Hook Me a Story by Deanne Fitzpatrick and in Story Rugs by Paulette Hackman. Doris has a passion for the history of rug hooking and it’s preservation.

Beginner Class – Traditional Newfoundland Method of Rug Hooking

Instructor: Winnie Glavine

For the novice or experienced rug hooker – a fun learning event.

Topics to be covered in the class: Measuring and preparing backing fabric; Designing and applying pattern; Working with various fabrics: t-shirt, velour, wool fabric, wool yarn, hosiery; Cutting fabric using scissors, rotary cutter and cutting machine; Hooking loops; Finishing Methods.

Options to choose from: A small beginner pattern (10 x 12) depicting a building, land, sea, sky and water – $10.00 Take home a finished piece. Many of my fellow rug hookers have admired my hooked bags. If you prefer to hook a bag, I will prepare it advance, small frame is included. However, you will be expected to design and draw on your pattern (approximately 10 x 10) – $60.00 Bring your own backing with pattern drawn on. Various sizes of patterns available to purchase in the classroom – prices vary.

Necessary Tools: A good pair of fabric scissors, frame and hook; great sense of fun and love of learning.

*Please note this is a traditional Newfoundland method class and we will focus on using upcycled clothing to create our mats

The Fun of a Puzzle… The Creativity of Art: “Tessellations”

Instructor: Linda Tippett

Tessellations have been around for thousands of years! Tessellation means the covering of a surface with the repetition of one shape….without overlapping the shape and without leaving any gaps. A checkerboard is an example of a tessellation.

In this workshop you’ll have the fun of fitting your pieces together, the creativity of choosing your own unique colour palette and the satisfaction of hooking your own creation. Learn how to create your own tessellation shape and design, or pick from the numerous designs that will be provided for you (birds,houses, cats, frogs, geometric and more).

Prepared pieces of burlap, tessellation designs, and hooking materials for use during the workshop will be provided for a fee of $30.00 per student. Students may purchase hooking materials to take with them at the conclusion of the workshop. For this workshop, only basic hooking skills are required.

Tangled Tuckamore

Instructor: Margaret Angel

Where would you find a better place to appreciate tangled tuckamore than Gros Morne where knarly trees ribbon the coastline and rug hookers gather? The curious web-like patterns of this impressive landscape feature provide a challenge for an imaginative rug hooker. With lots of intrigue in the details this course will focus on just that; how to interpret tangly roots and branches in a hooked landscape and embellish with a splashof stumpwork embroidery. The challenge is in details. Bring your imagination, a good photo of tuckamore to work from and an open mind to explore the tuckamore of Gros Morne from a rug hooker’s point of view.

Level: intermediate rug experience.
Materials: $20.00

All That Glitters

Instructor: Heather Gordon

Many of us have seen glittery fabrics and shiny fibres that we loved but we didn’t buy them because we didn’t know what to do with them. This course provides guidelines and helpful hooking tips for those adventurous souls who are ready to experiment with fabulous new fibres. We will be working with all kinds of glitter, including velvet, velour, silk, metallic fabrics and yarns, beads and jewels. You can use glittery fibres as a finishing touch to enhance your design with elegant highlights or you can go right off the deep end and create a piece that is totally dazzling. We will be using both new and recycled fibres. There are lots of options and lots of opportunities to add glitter in many forms – from fabrics with a soft sheen to sparkling metallic yarns. If you are tired of plain, flat hooking, try something new and join us for All That Glitters.

On Your Own or Fi/Fi

For those RHGNL members who cannot decide which of the fabulous courses to choose, bring your project that you wish you could finish. Next year you will be able to join a class!

Ode to Rug School

This is the place where the hookers are meeting
With scissors and mat frames, there’s fun in the air
We’re getting together for fun, food and laughter
As we gather again for rug school this year.

We’re here from the East Coast and from the West Coast
From South Coast and Central and further away
Old friends and new from our own great big country
As well as some hookers from the U S of A

We’ll learn new techniques and improve on some others
We’ll share our ideas and make up new plans
It’s always a pleasure to spend time together
As we work on our projects with hooks in our hands

When school is all over, it’s time to go home
We’ll get on the road with a heart felt goodbye
We all drive away in different directions
And work on our hooking, the time just flies by

Written by Guild Member Dale Stockley
Sung to the tune of The Squid Jigging Ground, written by Dale’s cousin Arthur R. Scammell

My Mother The ‘Hooker’

In my childhood, I was always amazed.
My mother’s creations kept me dazzled and dazed.
She could knit and sew anything, from a mitt to a dress,
To have her for a mother, I was truly blessed.

She is such a wonderful person, a truly great friend,
A fantastic mother on which you can depend.
No task is too big that she leaves it undone,
No item left unfinished once it is begun.

As the years went by I began to discover
More things previously unknown about my own mother.
Things which surprised, things which when exposed
Made me realize my mother had more secrets which had not been disclosed.

I found my mother had been keeping something to herself.
A secret, hidden deep inside like a good book upon a shelf.
I was most taken back when I was told
She had a skill which has been passed from years of old.

You see, I found out my mother loves to go hooking.
Yes, you read right – not need to do further looking.
She has all the moves and turns, creating works of art.
A talent passed for many years by ladies who are smart.

Mom, you truly are the greatest, and I am so proud of you.
I am so lucky that God chose you for me to be given to.
Your touch turns the drabbest brin and wool magically into pictures and tales,
Even to the point where this past year we watch your soaring sales!

And so I give you this gift, something to help you enjoy.
Your hook and rug frame, when it becomes time to employ.
All of your talents and resources, a true hodgepodge,
When you and your girlfriends gather at Killdevil Lodge.

Written for Yvonne Wareham by her daughter (2011)