Course Descriptions

Hook a 3 Dimensional Centerpiece

Teacher: Marilyn Moore

Two-dimensional shapes have length and width while three-dimensional shapes also have depth. When we think of three-dimensional hooked mats we often think of using fancy stitches such as sculpting and reverse hooking to give the impression of depth to our mats. But in this class we will be making an actual standing 3-dimensional object suitable for a centerpiece. Patterns will be available for a pumpkin that can be used for Halloween or Thanksgiving (7” in diameter), a Christmas Tree ( 10” high), or a hooked Innu Tea Doll (9” high). The original Tea Dolls were made partially of caribou hide but ours will be hooked with a variety of materials. For the pumpkin there will be an actual stem to attach to the top of the pumpkin. Christmas Trees will have a variety of ornaments to decorate them. Students will have the choice of purchasing a paper design pattern and doing their own preparation work; or if you want me to do the preparation work, patterns will be available for purchase on linen, burlap or vierelle. Once course registration is completed, we can be in touch to discuss patterns, hooking materials, and any questions you might have about the course. Hooked samples of a pumpkin, a Christmas Tree, and the Innu Tea Doll will be available at class. You are invited to come and have some fun exploring creative boundaries of rug hooking.


Teacher: Judy Brockie

Judy Brockie, another NL rug hooking teacher from Harbor Grace, brings her 20 years+ experience with rug hooking to a Beginner’s class. Judy’s class will outline a brief history of traditional NL rug-hooking; the materials and simple equipment required; ‘squaring off’ a pattern in the ditch; basic hooking technique; and much more. Judy intends to work with a smaller size pattern to allow time for students to finish their piece completely within the three days. However, students who want to increase the size of their work in progress will be able to do so. Judy’s main educational objective is to have students leave the Beginner rug school class with an eagerness and enthusiasm and desire to want to start another hooked rug at the first possible opportunity.

Abstract Art in Rug Hooking

Teacher: Diana Dove

What is abstract art in rug hooking?  In this course, students will explore this question as they ponder their own unique interpretations.  Participants will learn about some of the early abstract artists and the ways artists convey emotion and meaning.  They will use paint, construction paper and things from nature to create a pattern to hook.  The will learn to design out of their comfort zone, using whatever medium they would like to hook.  By the second day, students will have designed an abstract art piece and started to hook their own design.  Students will need burlap or linen to put their design on, a frame, hook, scissors and what ever medium you like to hook with. A kit of supplies will be available to purchase.  I will be in contact with students prior to Rug School to provide any additional information.  Bring your own unique perspective and join Diana in an imaginative rug hooking experience.


Teacher: Michele MicarelliWhile watching the History Channel’s “Vikings” I became interested in looking further into their lives. Not only were they warriors, pillagers, and conquerors but also curious travelers, farmers, fishermen, hunters, nature lovers, boat and ship builders, storytellers and worshipers of the Norse Gods. They seemed to embellish everything, their boats, sod homes, and themselves.

They worked metal not only into beautiful weapons but also jewelry of every kind. Hair ornaments, necklaces, cape closures and shield ornamentation are just a few of the amazing artistic things they accomplished. Their shields were colorfully painted to identify them to their lord or unit. These shields are all great fodder for a beautiful rug.

They lived in the fjords nestled in the mountains with wild life everywhere. They watched the seasons and could see the northern lights. All good subject for beautiful pictorial mats. So, you can see the subject matter for this class has no limits. Pictorials, geometrics, legends of the Norse Gods are all fabulous possibilities.

I will be in touch with each student ahead of time for custom designing, dying or input for your own original creation. My class is open to all skill levels, anyone’s designs and all cuts.

A Story to Tell

Teacher: Debbie Lessard

If you have a story to tell and want to explore your creativity this class is for you. Storytelling rugs are a journal of our life’s experience such as memories from childhood, places we live, our children and major events in our lives.

In this class, we will be exploring different techniques to achieve hooking a storytelling rug. There will be a discussion on how to adapt photos as inspiration to create great rugs. Creativity is encouraged so bring photos and your ideas with you. You can bring your pattern ready to hook or what you need to design and hook your piece. You can use recycled and new wool, silk, yarns, tee shirt fabric and anything you wish to hook with. The door is wide open! All skill levels are welcome.
When students are registered, we can make contact and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have as you prepare for your storytelling course.

My goal as a teacher is to help and assist my students to use their creativity as we all share to bring your stories to life through rug hooking.

Dye Stock Solutions

Teacher: Venissa Fancy

This course is a basic dye class. It is a good “solution” for a short three-day rug school and for the busy rug hooker. The dye course will give the student basic dyeing knowledge to continue to experiment with dyeing on his/her own.

This course will guide students in learning many aspects of dying materials for rug hooking. Focus will be on: how to dye safely; how to use basic less expensive tools; how to create colours using the basic primary colours plus black and brown; and several dyeing methods. In addition to hands-on work, there will be discussions and demonstrations with the use of handouts and notes. Come “dye” with us for a fun color time!

On your Own


This is a class for those of you who are tired of looking at all those unfinished mats. This is a fun class to complete an unfinished project, share ideas and spend time hooking with friends. While there is no formal teaching in this class, there is ample opportunity to share and learn from each other.