Rug Hooking Guild of Newfoundland & Labrador

Come here till I tells ya

We’re some tickled you took the time to drop by.

We’ve been working on the content for this website since 1497, after explorer and navigator Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) made land, aboard the Mattea (Matthew), at Cape Bonavista on June 24, and claimed the island for King Henry VII of England.

Been flat out ever since trying to preserve a little bit of the past that might have fallen off the pages of history. It would have too, if it wasn’t for a ‘fine crowd’ working hard to ensure ‘Mat Making” maintains its place. Sure, there’s days it’s enough to wear you out! But, we’ll keep at it! We will continue to talk, to teach, to record and preserve the historical background of rug hooking here in this province.

So it’s real good of you to visit. Now, pour yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable, cause we got a lot to say!

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You’ve never been part of a team like this one, we can guarantee you.

You’ll see lots of benefits for becoming a Guild member on our Membership page for sure.

But what you won’t hear, see, taste, or feel is what’s beyond the words you read here, unless you actually join the team and spend time with us.

You won’t hear words at any other rug school like: “Don’t you people sleep?” “Is your grandfather single?” “That crowd from Tilting” or “Nipply Weather”. You probably would never hear Kelley sing ‘The Butcher Boy’

You won’t see Philomena and Anne perform one of their famous skits: Aunt Aggie's famous letters offering hooking advice.

You won’t ever taste Jiggs Dinner and homemade blueberry or partridge berry pies, or have bologna, beans and toutons for breakfast.

You will never feel the joy of spending time with such a fine crowd as shows up to the hook-ins and rug school as we get here, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on, join up now and enjoy an experience you won’t soon forget!

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Rug School

Only time will tell what 2020 Rug School will bring. Keep checking back for all the details. Rug School Page. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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