25th Anniversary Celebration Challenge

On this Power Point Presentation you will see entries from a quite a few of our members as they responded to Five Challenges. 

Challenge Questions

  1. When did you join RHGNL? Why did you join RHGNL?  Send along a picture of your very first mat.  
  2. Have you ever hooked a mat primarily for someone or something special? A family member, pet, friend or that special someone.    Send along a picture of that mat and tell us a little about it.
  3. Who is part of your rug hooking circle? What is some of the best advice members of your circle have given you along the way? 
  4. Are you on Facebook? How many rug hooking groups do you belong to?   Where are your FB Groups based out of?  (eg province, state and country)  Send us an interesting tip you have picked up from one of your FB Groups.
  5. Send us a picture of your current project and tell us about it. What size it is, what is it hooked on and with what.  What inspired this piece.

Tell us how RHGNL and rug hooking has added to or changed your life.


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