Creating a Triptych or Polyptych

Creating a Triptych or Polyptych

Instructor: Lillian Dwyer

Course Description:

Create a large piece of work, one piece at a time. Three pieces make a triptych, add more and make it a polyptych, a work in progress yet if you are happy with one, so be it. Hooking a picture/collection in small pieces which can be stand alone or as part of a collage can be rewarding as well as inspirational at the same time.

My choice is generally nature and all of nature can usually tie together to add unity to your collection. Create a flow to ensure cohesion and the pieces will fit together to form a united whole.

Teaching will focus on hooking nature, a tree, rocks, an iceberg, sky, water and general landscape features. Adding special touches will add to your pieces, or not, you can choose. I often add elements of special effects, stitches and techniques for those who wish to try.

Patterns will be available. A full kit with 3 pieces of my design, including patterns on linen and materials to hook your pieces, will cost $120.00. Or you can purchase 3 patterns on linen at $60.00, 2 for $50.00, or 1 piece for $35.00. If you purchase the patterns only, you will need to bring your own materials to hook with.

Anyone who wishes to do their own design may do so, as long as the design fits the course as described. Whatever you need, I will try to accommodate within reason. Please check with me as soon as possible before rug school if you want to do your own design. There will be some discussion around design, however I would prefer if designs are ready before class begins.

This course may be frustrating for beginners or those new to rug hooking. These are the pieces for purchase. Each piece is 9” x 16”

About the Instructor – Lillian Dwyer