A Baker’s Dozen – Finishing Techniques 1

A Baker’s Dozen – Finishing Techniques 1

Instructor: Winnie Glavine


This course is suitable for beginners to seasoned rug hookers.

Course Objectives:

To enhance the knowledge and encourage rug hookers to actually ‘finish’ a piece prior to moving on to the next–in particular, knowing how they want to finish the piece they are about to start or are already creating.

Course Outline:

  • Preparing foundation fabric for pattern–straight grain, straight lines, getting rid of raw edges, Simple Fold Over, Double Hook Through, Adding a Sleeve
  • Finishing an Ornament (small completed piece-pattern provided)
  • Finishing 3D with a Ladder Stitch, adding a bottom and stuffing (small completed piece–pattern provided)
  • A Knitted I-Cord finishing for a coaster (small completed piece–pattern provided and, basic knitting skills)

If you want to work along with the instructor, some completed or partially completed pieces will be needed, as noted. Patterns will be provided but you are welcome to use your own. Or, you are welcome to bring unfinished, rug hooking completed pieces, but may not have time to finish them in class. A full list of other items will be available upon registration and instructor will have some supplies available for purchase.