Hook a 3 dimensional Innu Tea Doll or Matryoshka Dolls (Nested Russian Dolls)

Hook a 3 dimensional Innu Tea Doll or Matryoshka Dolls (Nested Russian Dolls)

Instructor: Marilyn Moore

Two-dimensional shapes have length and width while three-dimensional shapes also have depth. When we think of three-dimensional hooked mats we often think of using fancy stitches such as sculpting and reverse hooking to give the impression of depth to our mats. But in this class we will be making an actual standing 3-dimensional object.

Patterns will be available for an Innu Tea Doll or a Matryoshka Doll, which is a set of 3 nested Russian Dolls. The original Tea Dolls were made partially of caribou hide but ours will be hooked in a variety of materials. For the Matryoshka Dolls you will need to collect some items prior to the workshop. These are listed below. Patterns will be available on burlap, or linen with costs depending upon which pattern you plan to use. These patterns will have the necessary zigzagging around the various parts already done. Or I can send you a digital copy of the pattern by email as soon as you choose your design and you can transfer it to your own backing and complete the necessary zigzagging prior to the class.

The cost of the digital patter will be $10. You can use any hooking materials such as wool yarn or fabric, T-shirts, or various multifibres. I will have some colourful spandex fabric that can be used in both designs.

For the Tea Doll you will need a pound of loose tea, plus stuffing and muslin for lining. For the Matryoshka Dolls you can use trims such as small beads, lace, or sequins; as well as the necessary liners listed below.

Both designs will require your usual hooking tools of a hook, scissors, red dot, frame plus your material for hooking. Additionally, for both designs, you will need matching heavy duty thread for sewing the parts together, pins with beaded heads or T-pins, and a darning needle to use with the thread.

Come and have some fun exploring the boundaries of rug hooking.

About the Teacher – Marilyn Moore