Hooking Shaded Flowers Using Yarn

Hooking Shaded Flowers Using Yarn

Instructor: Joan Foster
Length: 18 hours

Learn to hook flowers by shading them from light to dark to give a three-dimensional effect with shadows and highlights.

This is a very basic introduction using numbered illustrations and will include fingering and mock shading techniques. Using six-value hand dyed swatches of Briggs and Little two ply yarn, you will learn to hook three flowers.

The instructor will supply a kit which includes the three flowers (Rose coaster 6” x 6”, Pansy coaster 5” x 5” and Pitcher Plant wall hanging 5” x 7”), all drawn on linen as well the four six-value swatches of yarn for the three flowers and the leaves at a cost of $55. You can supply your own yarn for the background and the border or you can order it separately from the instructor. You do not need any previous shading experience.

Prerequisite: Intermediate (previous hooking experience required).

About the Teacher – Joan Foster