Land, Sky, and Seascapes…with a creative twist

Land, Sky, and Seascapes…with a creative twist

With Lillian Dwyer, RHGNL Certified Teacher

The basic elements of nature, such as trees, rocks, clouds, water and the sky, can define your hooked rug and bring your piece to life. This course will teach you how to fill in the background with these natural elements, using colour, creative stitches and direction, in ways that do not take away from the central focus of your piece. The course will accommodate those with little experience in rug hooking, and will also appeal to experienced rug hookers seeking to learn new techniques.

About the Teacher

Lillian Dwyer
Certified RHGNL
Tilting, Fogo Island NL

Lillian Dwyer is from Tilting, Fogo Island located of the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland. The hiking trails, naturally beautiful landscape and built heritage features greatly in her rug hooking. She has been hooking for 20 plus years and teaching hooking for at least one half that time. Recognizing rug hooking as art form which can be confusing and amazing at the same time, she is an avid teacher, student and participant.