Structured Weekender Bag

Structured Weekender Bag

With Susan Clarke, OHCG Certified Teacher

This carpetbag is zippered, lined, and has leather handles and metal feet to protect the bottom. Your bag may be hooked with wool strips or yarn, include alternative fibres or decorations, or it can be punch hooked. The bag is an attractive shape and large enough for weekend packing, but modest enough to take a hooking project to hook-ins. Don’t be surprised if you decide you want to make more!

The workshop includes sessions on the following topics:

  • Designing your own pattern, with lots of information and ideas
  • Transferring your design onto the carpetbag pattern backing (kit)
  • Colour planning – discussion on various colour schemes, and how to enhance a colour plan you may already have in mind
  • How to make your bag “custom”
  • Shopping List and Vendors – wools, alternative fibres, and accessories for your bag (handles, zipper, bag feet), and estimating wool quantities for efficient purchasing
  • Hooking your bag, and finessing your hooking (Open class)
  • Assembling your Bag – lining and hooked shell

To get the most out of this workshop, I will host a Zoom session about one month before our in-person workshop – to discuss the workshop and answer any questions you may have. The main focus however will be to give you a class on Design. We can also discuss shopping for supplies, as I would like you to have the bulk of these before we meet.

Our in-class sessions will focus on the hooking, and making your designs really powerful. I am happy to discuss hooking techniques with any students who need this, and will also give tips and tricks to make your bags exceptional! Before leaving, I will demonstrate and/or work with you to sew your bag lining. We will then discuss assembly and finishing off your hooked carpetbag when you have finished hooking it. The lining shell and hooked shell assembly are almost identical, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties finishing your bag after the workshop.

I have Carpetbag kits for sale ($80), which include the backing with the outline of the carpetbag pieces drawn on it, with generous borders. The backing can be either good quality linen or rug warp, on request. The kit includes Student Notes, with all the instructions, and design paper (large 1” grid paper). I will bring these to class, or can ship them to you in advance of class on request and at cost (about $22). Kits can be ordered from my website.

I look really forward to working with you as you create your own original structured
weekender bag!

About the Teacher

Susan Clarke
Certified OHCG Certified Teacher

Susan is an OHCG-certified Teacher, and has been a member of the OHCG Guild since 2006. Her work is regularly shown at their popular Annual shows, where she has won awards in the following categories: Original (2014), Theme (2016, 2020), Wide Cut (2018), Mixed Cut (2021), and Fine Cut (2019). Susan has published articles in the OHCG Newsletter, and contributed a chapter in Rug Hooking Magazine’s “Hooked Carpetbags” (2017). Susan is passionate about colour and fibre arts.

Susan’s portfolio, and workshops may be viewed on her website.
T: 416-318-7496