The Velvet Touch

The Velvet Touch

Instructor: Heather Gordon

The luxurious, soft sheen of velvet adds highlights and an extra dimension to a hooked piece.

You can use velvet in almost any type of pattern along with your regular cut strips and yarn. It’s perfect for seascapes (water, mermaids, fish and coral reefs), skies (bright sunny daytime skies or dark starry nights), outer space (far away black holes, planets and galaxies) and decorations (Christmas ornaments, Santa suits and wreaths).

The best part is that the velvets we will use are inexpensive stretch velour items from your closet or the local thrift store. Look for solid-colored tops and pants, multi-colored patterns or textured and sparkly party togs. If they are a little too out-dated to wear now you can give them a new life and add a glamorous touch to your hooking projects. If you can’t find the right colours, try your local fabric store and add some velour and chenille yarns for fine details.

Level: Intermediate to advanced

While this course is ideal for experienced hookers who want to experiment with new fibers and techniques, it is open to a range of participants. Beginners with some experience who are not bound by rules sometimes find it easier to adapt to this style than more experienced hookers. The most important requirement is a relaxed approach and a desire to try something new. You will learn:

  • How to select a suitable pattern
  • How to evaluate and select velour fabrics and yarns
  • How to cut stretch velour
  • Hooking tips for strip width, height, and controlling nap and sheen


I will bring some of my original patterns and some from other designers that I have used for the class display pieces. When you register, you will receive an e-mail document with photos and descriptions to order in advance or you can bring your own pattern if you wish since most standard patterns can be adapted for velour. In this case, please contact me with a photo before rug school to ensure that your pattern will be suitable for the course.

All patterns are hand drawn on linen. Small designs are in the $30 – $50 range. Larger and more complex designs are in the $50 – $100 range. Photos and measurements will be included in the email.


Most of the design will be hooked with your regular fabrics (wool strips and yarn) with velvety touches to add interest so don’t forget to bring a variety of materials from your stash. This is a chance to use recycled materials so try all the thrift stores, check your closets and ask friends and family. I’ll bring as much stretch velour as I can stuff in my suitcase and a selection of fibre bundles for special effects and some kits that are great for gifts or beginner projects.

  • Stretch velour pieces ($4.00 – $10.00)
  • Fibre bundles ($5.00 each)
  • Kits: Unique Sheep, Bluenose Fisherman, Snowmen ornaments and a Bluenose Mug Mat. ($30 to $45)


  • Hooking frame, a selection of hooks, hooking and fabric scissors.
  • If possible: an Olfa-style cutting board, a rotary cutter and a 24” quilting ruler (6” wide)
  • I can bring one board, cutter and 2 rulers to set up a cutting station. If we have any quilters who can bring their own, we can set up several cutting stations.

About the Teacher – Heather Gordon