Rug Hooking for Beginners – 18 Hour Class

Rug Hooking for Beginners – 18 Hour Class

Instructor: Diane Hodder


No experience necessary.


This course has been designed as an introduction to rug hooking and all that this entails. You will be introduced to the tools required which would include types of hooks, frames, cutting machines, backing and hooking materials. You will learn how to hook an actual pattern using100% wool fabric and yarn. Some finishing techniques as well as the caring of completed rugs will be discussed.

Class 1

  • Welcome and introductions. A brief history of rug hooking and how it evolved fromnecessity to an art form.
  • Overview of materials in the kit
  • How to attach backing to the frame and how to create loops
  • Get started with hooking

Class 2

  • Demonstrate how wool fabric is cut using a Bliss cutter, the Bolivar and the Townsend.
  • Discuss other methods of cutting, such as using rotary cutters or scissors, etc.
  • Display types of backing, discuss how to prepare the backing, for example, zigzagging.
  • Demonstrate putting a pattern on the backing using red dot medium and tools required.
  • Continue working on your kit
  • Demonstrate the steps required to finish a hooked piece, both the traditional way and alternative methods.
  • View examples of finished rugs including floor mats, wall hangings, etc.
  • Discuss the care and cleaning of mats, especially floor mats.
  • Discuss copyright.

Class 3

  • Continue working on kit
  • Review

Students can purchase a kit from the instructor that includes backing with pattern, fabric, hook and yarn for $60.

Students will be required to supply their own frame.  If you don’t have one, your teacher will help you choose one.